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About us

We are the international team of developers from Korea, USA and Russia. We create products for popularization and integration of blockchain system into business.

The main asset of our company is a coin Bitcoin essence, created by us. It is fully protected and useful for any payments and banking sector integration. The main advantage of this coin is that with it’s help the inner ICO of independent products programmed by our company will be held. We are already in progress of creating two instruments on blockchain system, which will come on change of traditional ones: the new loyalty program and gamification. Each product will work on its own blockchain system and will have its own coins, which can be bought with BTE.

The main advantage for our coin holders is the profit, which will be accrued to coin owners proportionally to the coin quantity.

Lightning fast transaction time within 1 second

Faster block generation time at 15 seconds with difficulty retargeting to keep on pace

Big mining rewards. Miners earn 500 BTE per block.

Own inner ICO on programmed products

Better and faster than Bitcoin. A real alternative to high fees and slow transaction times

We create products for blockchain integration to business


Business Integrations

Bitcoin Essence

Loyalty program

We develop the flexible and user friendly loyalty program, which can be integrated to any business segment and it can be used also by small companies and by big companies. It has a very simple and intuitive interface. It will be easy to earn tokens (сashback in cryptocurrency) and also easy to redeem them. Customers are rewarded for their purchase with company’s tokens, which will be send directly to their crypto-wallets.Then customers can dispose tokens at their discretion.

With the help of this program companies can create any amount of tokens for integration in their retail system. Our product will erase the borders between countries! One can buy hamburger in Bali and spend the bonuses from it in Iceland.

In progress

Bitcoin Essence


The idea is to create different game widgets for websites, which can be easily integrated to own or partner’s website. Commercial websites gamification is our now-how and micro revolution in internet marketing and retail sector. There is no analouges of this product in the Internet. It dramatically changes the view on the process of client attraction, turning the shopping process into a game and competition. The widget’s prototype will be ready in Q1 2019.

In progress



Close future plans of our company.



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